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Welcome to the Sculpteo blog!

First of all, we would like to thank you for reading these lines. We are dedicated to bring you useful and inspiring information about what we do the best: 3D printing. And having you here is awesome.

In the Sculpteo blog we are sharing advices, designs and discounts that you can directly use on Sculpteo. So many things are going on in the field! It’s sometimes hard to keep up. We are here to help you.

The Third Industrial Revolution is happening. Join it now with us! We provide really unique services, an extensive list of materials available, iOS apps, marketplace, pro accounts… You just found the maker of your 3D printing dreams! Welcome.

The Sculpteo Team

  • Rick

    very nice and say hi from China!

    • http://www.sculpteo.com/ Sculpteo Team

      Hi Rick ! Thanks

  • Llj Salcedovaldez

    Hi Sculpteo team! I’m making a report about your work and type of directions you want to take and I still have some questions I haven’t found an answer on like: Why did you design the app to send and store designs.(with what purpose) and what is your ultimate goal as a whole company?

    Thank you very much

  • Valérian Prud’hom

    HI Sculpteo Team ! I’m Valérian Prud’hom, a french student who’s dreaming to join your team in the next year in order to continue my apprenticeship. Im ongoing and i’ll obtain a diploma “DUT business techniques” and have 3 years of experiences in sale/ management. I’m experienced in NTIC and i for instance helped to create the website of my actual company. I’m passionated by NTIC, and design and multicultural exchanges. I’m confident about the 3D technology, and i would love to belong to this project. Could it be possible to meet one of your team members to discuss about your vision and job opportunity ? Kind regards. Valérian Prud’hom 06 33 95 19 57.