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Discover what the tech press thinks about Batch Control !

The Consumer Electronic Show 2014  just finished a few days ago. We’ve received lots of interests during the show, and the international press gave us great reviews.

This year, we were presenting Batch Control. This new feature, targeted at individuals, professionals and businesses, is currently available for everyone now in beta on Sculpteo and you’ll be able to activate it starting from 20 units. It gives users greater control over the quality, pricing and orientation of multi-unit orders.


Discover what the tech press thinks about Batch Control:

Engadget writes:

 ”Using Sculpteo’s software, customers can view the order inside the printer, compare pricing in real time and control both axis and orientation all while nabbing multiple units in a single batch. As far as customization goes, 11 colors, three finishes and two resolutions are offered for orders in an effort to cut production costs, allow for limited editions and more ” 


Anna Kaziunas France from Make Magazine met Clément Moreau (Sculpteo’s CEO). She writes:

“I caught up with Clement Moreau, Sculpteo’s  CEO and founder, to learn more about the addition of “Batch Control”  to their 3D Printing Cloud Engine , announced at CES 2014. Batch Control allows users of Sculpteo’s 3D printing services to choose the orientation and resolution of the parts within multi-unit orders (over 20 pieces). This enables Sculpteo customers to visualize their order and optimize the positioning for the best price, which is updated instantly.”

Rude Baguette loved our Batch Control feature: 

“For anyone that has been using Sculpteo’s services to get their prototypes will be very happy with this announcement. It also marks a new chapter in the 3D printing industry, instead of using Sculpteo just to get a cute iPhone cover or an action figure companies can rely more on it to order the parts they need in bulk quantities.”

Fabbaloo also said some nice words about us:

“We think this is a big step forward for those who use 3D print services. It’s no longer a way to “just print things”; it’s now a personal factory service. Need 100 items? Just press the button. Need 200? Press it again.”

The same goes for TCT Magazine: http://www.tctmagazine.com/ces-news/sculpteo-takes-3d-printing-into-mass-production-at-internati/

and 3D Printing Industry; http://3dprintingindustry.com/2014/01/07/sculpteo-unveils-3d-printing-batch-control-mass-production-ces/

If you have any question about our CES or about Batch Control, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!



We will be very happy to show you what we do with 3D printing for the future of manufacturing !

Sculpteo's year

From CES 2013 to CES 2014: a summary of Sculpteo’s year!

It’s been a year already! And each year at Sculpteo starts with the CES in Las Vegas.

Last year during the CES 2013, we introduced our 3DP Case application and we won the” Best of Innovation Awards in the category Software & Mobile apps” . A year later, the CES Unveiled 2014 was also the time for us to announce our new “Batch Control” feature.


2013 was about two things for Sculpteo. First to give everyone the possibility to get in touch with us and be present to as many international events as possible. In a year, we’ve been to almost 10 Maker Faire, more than 10 international events around 3D printins, design and innovations (with shows such as Inside 3D Printing, 3D Print Show, CES, TCT Show, Milan Design Faire, Futur en Seine, etc.), a little bit less than 10 Meetups in Paris, many conferences, live webinars and 1 Printathon!


Our plan is to do even better this year! And it starts with our presence at the CES 2014 in the South Hall 3 booth 31417. It will be followed by Nora’s talk “Why 3D printing is not the revolution you expect?” at Parisoma and our presence during the 3D Printer World Show in Burbank at the end of the month.

The second 2013 aim was also to develop our 3D Printing Cloud Engine offer. We’ve developped, many APIs to help you do two kinds of things. Some of them provide you graphic components to display a gallery, a 3D viewer, a thumbnail or an upload button. Others help you handle the datas around your 3D files so that you can upload a model, get a price, or order a model.

Thanks to all those tools, we now count famous international brands among our clients and partners. In 2013, we teamed up with Ebay, Orange, La Poste, Amazon.com, CGtrader, Mecube, let’s create pottery, Autodesk 123D Creatures and many more.

Sculpteo's year

The announcement of Batch Control at CES 2014 is the continuation of vision. We want to take additive manufacturing to the next level, and allow everyone from individuals to businesses to integrate 3D printing in their manufacturing process.

And last but not the least, we launched a German version of our website to give you the opportunity to handle your order directly in German.


2013 was a really exciting year for Sculpteo’s team. We begun the year with many projects and in the end we finished 2013 with even more. We couldn’t imagined it would be such a blast, and that you’d be so many reaching out to us and supporting us. We hope 2014 will be even better, and we wish you all the best!

Thanks everyone!




Sculpteo Demos “Batch Control” at CES Unveiled 2014

2013 has been the year of 3D printing. There were many expectations. Among those, lots of us saw 3D printing as a means of production accessible to anyone without any upfront investment. But we’ve been working hard to take this vision to the next level.

In 2013, lots of clients trusted our 3D Printing Cloud Engine for their 3D printing needs. After using our service a few times, they often reached out to us with a few more demands like choosing the resolution or the orientation of the prints within the batch. 

Yesterday at CES Unveiled 2014, we introduced Batch Control to do just that. This new feature, targeted at individuals, professionals and businesses, is currently available for everyone now in beta on Sculpteo and you’ll be able to activate it starting from 20 units. It gives users greater control over the quality, pricing and orientation of multi-unit orders. In other words, it means that you can :

• Visualize your entire order inside the printer

• Optimize the positioning of your models to give you the best price

• Have an instant per-unit pricing comparison when you change the quantity of prints

• Choose between two levels of print resolution to modify the thickness of the print layers

• ChOose between three finishes including glossy varnish, satin polish, and double polish

• Have the ability to control the direction of the print layers within your objects by adjusting the z-axis orientation of your models

• Preview a simulation of each layer of your print to ensure everything is correct


Since 3D printing doesn’t offer the same economies of scale as traditional manufacturing methods, we wanted to create an amazing tool to help costumers adjust the pricing of each unit when they need to order more than just one. With Batch Control, customers can save up to 35% on average by ordering multi-unit batches that are optimized for the 3D printing process. The unique visualizer shows the entire order inside the printer tray. Objects are automatically arranged to optimize the printing area for the lowest price. The visualizer also illustrates any empty space, enabling the user to fill the extra space without necessarily paying more for the additional objects. Check out this video to understand how it works: 

 Clement Moreau, co-founder and CEO of Sculpteo says, “Ordering multiple objects directly on our website turns 3D printing into a real manufacturing solution. By making it cost-effective for people to order higher volumes, Sculpteo is taking 3D printing beyond prototypes and on-demand manufacturing and into mass-production.”



Come see us at CES 2014!

Holidays haven’t begun yet, but we’re already thinking ahead at Sculpteo. Directly after New Year’s Eve, Sculpteo’s team is heading to Vegas for CES 2014.

This is a long tradition for us. Three years in a row, we’ve been there to make our major announcements at the beginning of the year. This year is no exception, and we’ve some surprises to come. It’s just three weeks away, so you’ll have to wait a little bit.

This is also the first year, there will be a 3D Printing TechZone. You’ll find it in the South Hall 3. And you’ll find us on the booth 31417

Also we’re pleased to announce that Clement Moreau, CEO of Sculpteo, will give a talk during the  ’Don’t Believe the Hype? – 3D Printing Uncovered’ conference  organized by TCT Magazine + Personalize at International CES 2014. Other confirmed speakers will be 3D Systems CEO Avi Reichental, or well known industry commentator Todd Grimm. They all will be taking to the stage on January 8 to communicate their enthusiasm for this disruptive technology.

We’re thrilled to be there again. Last year, we were presenting our iPhone/iPad app: 3DPCase. And we won the Innovation Award 2013 for Best Software & Mobile App. We hope to recieve the same kind of enthousiasm at the CES Unveiled 2014  with our big announcements.

See you there!

For getting an early appointment with our Sales Representatives, please contact sales@sculpteo.com



Meet Sculpteo at the International CES 2013 – Jan 8-11 in Las Vegas, NV.

Sculpteo will be at the International CES 2013 happening in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 8 to 11.

For getting an early appointment with our Sales Representative, please contact sales@sculpteo.com.

Find us Booth 26111 in the South Hall.

The Consumer Electronic Show is the largest consumer technology tradeshow in the world with more than 3000 exhibitors and an estimate number of 153 000 attendees.

This 2013 edition is a very special one for Sculpteo. We will officially receive the Innovations Awards 2013 for Best Software & Mobile App with 3DPcase, our custom 3D printed iPhone case service.

We are looking forward to meeting you!