Sterling Silver

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Sterling silver 925 is made with 925 ‰ of pure silver and 75‰ of a strengthening material. Solid and rather malleable material, provided with 3 finishes: rough, polished or mirror polished. Perfect for jewellery.


3D Printed Sterling Silver is made using a three-step process.
  1. We 3D-print your model using the 3D Wax printer.
  2. We use a lost-wax casting process to smelt your model
  3. We then polish the part.
Please have a look at the wikipedia page on lost casting to learn more about the wax casting process:

3 types of finish for Sterling Silver are offered:
Rough: your model is cleaned by using sandblast, giving a rough surface
Polished: your model is mechanically polished. The surface is smooth and slightly shiny, it may show print lines.
Mirror polished: your model is highly hand polished in order to look very shiny, like a mirror. The surface is perfectly smooth and all print lines will disappear.

Design guidelines:
  • Maximum size : 60 x 80 x 80 mm
  • Minimum size : 2.4 x 2.4 x 0.8 mm
  • Minimum possible wall thickness: 0.8 mm
  • For parts under stress like ring shaft, pendant loops or wire, minimum thickness is 1 mm
  • Minimum for engraving details: 0.4 mm
  • Minimum for embossing details: 0.4 mm
  • Accuracy: 0.025 mm
  • Chain mail and designs with parts included in another volume – “ball in a ball” - cannot be made with this process. For earrings and cufflinks, you can add 2 parts in the same file

Avoid deep engravings or high embossed details

Engraved details that are too deep will cause issues when casting. Embossed details that are too tall are more likely to chip and break during production (unless the detail meets the minimum wall requirements).

Wires need to be at least 1 mm thick

Wire frame models are difficult to print and are also fragile in silver. It might also snap in the manufacturing process. For security we recommend at least a thickness of 1 mm.

Ring bands should be 1mm thick

Ring band (the part that goes around the finger) needs to be 1mm thick to avoid deformation when wearing. Since silver is a weaker, more flexible material, ring bands that are too thin may deform or even break.

Internal detail can not be polished

Mechanical or hand polishing processes can only polish well-reachable surfaces, so tight internal spaces will remain unpolished.

Every part will be marked with a small hallmark

In accordance with French regulations, we will apply a hallmark to the external surface of your part. This mark will be very small and we will try to make it as discreet as possible.

Special care advice for polished silver

The surface of polished silver is very soft and can be scratched when worn. Please keep your silver models separately from your other jewellery, for instance in a separate box. We recommend the use of a silver polishing kit to clean and maintain a shiny surface.

  • Silver
  • Strong
  • Rigid
Surface look :
Details :
Strength :
Flexibility :
Price examples:

In 5 cm / 1.97 in : $533.00
Details examples :

Sample Kit available for 5$* !

Order it for the best choice of material and a successful print

* Pricing details in the product description"

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