Polished plastic

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White or colored, strong, slightly flexible material that can withstand some pressure when bent. The surface has a polished, smooth touch


Objects are produced by laser sintering of polyamide powder. The models are printed layer by layer by a laser that draws the object in the powder, solidifying the material. Layer thickness is 0.1 mm and the minimum size of visible details on the model is 0.3 mm. Minimum wall thickness for this technology is 0.8 mm (flexible and bendable), and the object is rigid when more than 2 mm thick. Polishing is obtained by mechanical smoothing, resulting in a slight loss of detail and any sharp edges. Models with long and thin parts are not appropriate for this material.

  • White, black, red, green, blue or yellow
  • Strong
  • Flexible
  • Smooth aspect
Surface look :
Details :
Strength :
Flexibility :
Price examples:

In 5 cm / 1.97 in : $22.00 - In 10 cm / 3.94 in : $152.00 - In 15 cm / 5.91 in : $505.00
Maximum size for this material

17 x 16 x 15 cm / 6.6" x 6.2" x 5.9"
Details examples :

Sample Kit available for 5$* !

Order it for the best choice of material and a successful print

* Pricing details in the product description"

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