Scale model
enthusiast ?
Sculpteo can manufacture your custom parts using 3D printing !

Planes, cars, trains, ships...
scale-model-sculpteo-1 scale-model-sculpteo-2 scale-model-sculpteo-3 scale-model-sculpteo-4 scale-model-sculpteo-5 scale-model-sculpteo-6
picture : jivaro-models

Sculpteo turns your 3D models
into real objects :

directly usable parts,
decor elements,
articulated mechanisms...

picture : club de modélisme ferroviaire du 95


custom parts for your models with 3D software.


your 3D files to in just one click.


directly online after selecting your material and scale.
Tip: our white plastic is best for scale-model applications.


your parts at home and make your models truly unique !
Items ship 48 hours after you order.

You have a 3D file ?
You don’t have a 3D file ?

We provide
a list of 3D software for download
contact us for a quote for 3D modelling.

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