Open a 3D printing shop on Sculpteo

3D creators, open your shop on Sculpteo !

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Your friends often tell you that you have a gift for 3D design?
No more hesitation : come on to make your talent profitable, by opening your 3D models shop online.

Some steps must be followed, and then you will get fortune, fame and beauty… at least fortune.


Ready to start?

– First, create an account on the website.

– Then go in the “vendor information” area, where you have to mention a valid address from a Paypal account.

– Agree the particular conditions, which are a license contract between you and Sculpteo.
All is clear : you stay the owner of your models and the license given for the objects making is not exclusive.

– Upload your first design, and choose “for sale” and the amount of the royalty in the upload form.

– Your model is available in the gallery and identified as premium thanks to a small yellow pictogram.

– Customize your shop in the “public information” area, by adding your avatar and writing a small presentation.

– Follow your sales in the “vendor information” area : you will receive your royalties each end of the month (royalties from the sales of the previous month).

Sculpteo launches a FAQ dedicated to the online shops; to answer all the questions you may ask.
By testing this new service, you may have other questions or proposals to improve it. Sculpteo is listening to you, so send all your suggestions.

It’s up to you now !

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Upload a file
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