3D printing: restoration planes from World War One

A client interview : 3D printing used to restore planes from World War One

Posted By sculpteo on Apr 14, 2010 | 0 comments

Since its launch 3 months ago, Sculpteo has received orders of very different objects.
To testify this diversity and share experience, we have decided to put in light regularly our clients.

The first testimonial is Cyrille Manilève’s one, member of the association Memorial Flight.

Sculpteo : “Could you tell us in a few words the goal of the association ?”

CM : “The Memorial Flight association aims to restore to flying condition planes from World War One, in their original standard.”

Sculpteo : “What kind of object did you order on sculpteo.com?”

CM : “The object is a model of a 1917 Vickers machine gun target. It will be put on a fake weapon, to fit out one of our aircrafts (Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter), for which the restoration is almost achieved. This object is not in fact mechanically functional, but it will move around an axis, as the original weapon.
We have designed the system with Solidworks in order to make a model in real.”

Sculpteo : “How did you get the idea to make a cutomized object thanks to 3D printing?”

CM : “We were already interested by stereolithography , but you are the first company to propose a delivery at home at a very reasonable cost. No doubt that we will use it again.”

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