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Interview of the winners of the “video-game’s heroes” challenge, launched by the Blender Clan

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The challenge entitled “your vision of a video-game’s hero” and organised by the 3D community Blender Clan, has finished at the end of May. Today, Sculpteo shows the 3 winners’ creations and the result of their printing.


Sculpteo : “Could you tell us in a few words how, considering the imposed theme, the idea of your design occurred to you?”

Max Morel (1st place) : “For me personally, the absolute video-game’s hero has always been Mario. As a matter of fact, I have jumped on the occasion to pay tribute to him, in my own way.

For years now, our favourite plumber has invaded our screens, so I figured it was logical to make him look older. After years of saving Princesses, trampling on mushrooms and flying turtles, Mario has become brawnier (and, we must admit, he has also broaden out). Nonetheless, he might have grown older, but he is still as ready to fight as ever!”


Fabien Apffel (2nd place) : “I wanted to work on a character known by most of people. For people from my generation, who have grown up with game consoles such as Nintendo and Sega, it was either Mario or Sonic!

As I have discovered the competition later than others, I have noticed that there was already a quite advanced project on Mario, so in order not to get influenced, I have logically opted for Sonic.

I have thought immediately to the notion of « sculpture », and as the last displays of Sonic showed him at the Olympic Games, I have naturally connected the Olympic Games and Ancient Greece, with its muscular Greek statues, etc.

Thus, I have designed an athletic Sonic, represented as a Gold Medal winner, proudly dominating Tails & Knuckles, his siblings, still in the pixel age…”


Nicolas Rault (3rd place) : “The theme imposed that we found a video-game’s hero; I immediately thought to the clone trooper, a character that shows in several of Star Wars Game (especially in the Battlefront), of which I am an unquestionable fan!

Then, I wanted to represent him in an unusual situation, because we are used to seeing them battling, almost without any personality. I have tried to represent him in everyday’s life, consequently in his kitchen! After then, his stance has little by little been determined: breaking an egg in the saucepan.”


Sculpteo : “Now that you have won the creation of your figurine, thanks to the 3D printing process. What have been your feelings the first time you have held your object for real?

Max Morel (1st place) : “A great satisfaction, and a wide range of pride I must admit. It is the first time I have the opportunity to touch one of my creations. It is quite exhilarating to recognize every details, every skin fold, “for real”.

I have been toying with 3D designing for 6 years, and it is the first time I have that feeling for one of my models.”

Fabien Apffel (2e place) : “I feared that the 3D printing would reveal flagrant imperfections that I would not have seen on the virtual models. Thankfully, it was not at all so!

I cannot really describe my emotion when I received the object, I have mostly spent my time watching it from every angles, out of curiosity and febrility also. Above all, I was surprised by the fact that the whole object looked quite good and even some parts I would have thought too small have been well printed, despite their small-size (height 10cm).
At that moment, I was proud like a schoolboy bringing home a good mark!”

Nicolas Rault (3rd place) : “After several hours of work on Blender, touching up every details on the screen, you are getting used to the fact that you can watch your model only on the screen, then on the depiction. Man always tries to perfect it, trying to make him look exactly like we have imagined, and I think I have reached that aim at the end of the competition.

That feeling is even more intense when you receive the model: it is the achievement of all the work, when the design is really finished. The most pleasing is the possibility to watch the model you have been used to observing on your computer’s screen, but in real!”

Sculpteo : “Do you have any intention to paint your design?”

Max Morel (1st place) : “I think I am going to wait a bit before I paint the model, but definitely: yes!

I have trouble imagining Mario without his red shirt and blue overalls!”

Fabien Apffel (2nd place) : “I don’t think I am going to paint the object. When I have conceived it in 3D, I have only thought about the volumes… Moreover, I have never painted miniatures, so I don’t want to make him become ugly!”

Nicolas Rault (3rd place) : “I don’t think about painting it, because of my lack of competences in that field. Plus, leaving it in its white colour reminds of the competition’s entitlement, and thus in the competition’s spirit.
. That model must remain as a souvenir.”

We thank the 3 winners for their answers and congratulate all participants, who have all created fascinating models.

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