3D printed aircraft model I Sculpteo meets Jivaro-models.org

Sculpteo and flying aircraft model, on jivaro-models.org !

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An excellent article has been published by one of our flying aircraft model maker on July 23rd 2010, on jivaro-models.org (in French only, please try here or use Google translation available in the Homepage): we have printed white polyamid pieces for his “flying object”, a short time ago.

Motor mount for a Nuri, designed with Solidworks

The pieces he has designed thanks to a CAD software, include brackets, mounts for motors, and so on. Meticulously worked, they are intended to get integrated directly into the mecanism of a Nuri flying wing’s motor (for those who don’t know what it is: Wikipedia!) and this of a glider.

Motor mount designed with Solidworks

Thanks to this specialist’s article, you have a preview of the concrete applications of some of the pieces that are ordered on our web site. To our great satisfaction, Laurent Berlivet‘s text is just absolutely perfect: thanks to the author, for his very complete and explicit article!

Plate for two servos

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