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Graphics and new functionalities, nothing can stop innovation!

Posted By sculpteo on Jul 29, 2010 | 0 comments

We do not stop innovation within Sculpteo, and we intend to pursue that tendency. Effectively, Sculpteo’s team does not hesitate to go through fire and water to satisfy each of our users, and we are mindful of every advice we are given.

We have chosen to keep the suspense about the new personalization tricks that Sculpteo’s R&D team has developped during the last few weeks; part of these development is the relifting of website, and we are constantly thinking about new applications. Thus, the first part of our lifting is aimed at offering you a fluid browsing on the website, thanks to a clearer interface and a new layout, which lightens the whole.

As for the applications, they allow you to have more and more ergonomics on the website and several added modules accessible even to the beginners.

Those innovations are doubly full of advantages and are dedicated to both 3D modeling specialists and people who know nothing about 3D CAD and so on. Thus, how have we proceeded in order to let the everyone access to our 3D printing technology and to add even more options to the other 3D designers?

We have chosen an object from the gallery to illustrate the new personalization modules: the magnificent “sablier_laby” (to sell in the gallery), designed by one of the members of Sculpteo’s virtual community.

The answer to the previous question is simple: we let you colour and write on your models, which aspects we have already talked about a few weeks ago in this article. Only the icons have changed: in order to add texts on the model, click on this one

, and for the colouration it is this one
. Obviously, you can still dig into the object, or add text in relief, to change its typeface, its size and colour. Plus, you have the possibility to order one or two coloured objects thanks to our applications are still in the air.

Beside all this, today you can smooth the surface of some models whose triangles are too obvious: that option offers online repairing, that gives a polished appearance to all of your objects. Even if the repairing is not so obvious on the model we have chosen for the demonstration, we can still observe a difference between the two zooms we have done on the sablier/laby.

As a general rule, you will better smooth the model, before you pursue the personalization and go to the step where you can add pictures on the object: you would risk to modify your picture as well

Last but not least, the newest trick will allow you to put your own images on the object, just by clicking on the following icon:

. This module is the answer to many people anxious to give personalized objects on which their portrait is printed, to make unique gifts with family portraits, or to immortalize your favourite pet (non-exhaustive list of pictures, you can pick others from your private album). We have opted for a firefox, an endangered species from Asia, so that the text (*which means: “let us save the firefox”) keeps its coherency with the image.

To conclude and without anymore speach, 3D printing gets democratized thanks to Sculpteo! It is time for all of you to join the community that makes all of this possible. You could for example visit our gallery, join our
Facebook group, or on occasions, create a Sculpteo account, and upload your photos in order to print them on the objects you prefer!

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