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Visit of the production site, in Arreau (Pyrenees)

Posted By sculpteo on Aug 10, 2010 | 0 comments

Animated by a wish to inject dynamisn into the region of the Pyrenees, Sculpteo‘s founders have established the production site in Arreau, a district to which they have become attached. Arreau, this magnificient country of Bigore (France) is in the heart of the mountains, and has thus welcomed Sculpteo and the EOS, a machine that allows to print objects in white polyamid through a sintering powder process, which you can watch for the first time in the video.

Arreau is a strategic site, where Sculpteo’s founders intend to pursue their investments. In the video, you can hear the interview of Mr Guy Vidailhet, the mayor in Arreau, and for the first time the production process performed on the EOS.

To serve our worry to be transparent, we always present our activity and our premises with pleasure. For that matter, we have organized and are expecting to organize an open-door evening as soon as possible.

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