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Create a “mini-you” with Sculpteo!

Posted By sculpteo on Oct 18, 2010 | 0 comments

Starting today, you can order custom figures that make the perfect gift for someone who deserves something truly special (truly unique, actually).

If you have friends or family members who are getting married soon, act fast! The usual wedding-cake figures aren’t really good enough for that very special day, so our avatars definitely have a competitive advantage: they really look like the newlyweds.


Our “mini-you’s” are not only suitable for family events: in a business, custom figurines are a fun way to present your team.

If you want to accessorize, you can add glasses, watches, T-shirts etc. For clothing, you can choose a suit and tie, wedding dress, tailored suit, jeans … If you have specific wants, feel free to ask. We’ll take care of everything!

So if you really want to make someone happy, it’ll be hard to find a gift more original than a Sculpteo “mini-you”.

We’re sure you’re already dying for yours, so go ahead and send us your photos (front shot plus profile shot against a white or plain background).

A 7 cm-high avatar costs just 59.90€ / 74,90$ (29.90€ / 39,90$ for each additional copy). The 10 cm version is 89.90€ / 129,90$ (and 59.90€ / 89,90$ for additional copies).

The price includes 3D modelling based on your pictures plus direct colour manufacturing of the figure. Below is a fun sample avatar of French TV host Stéphane Bern (“Comment ça va bien!” on France 2)

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