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3DVF Alice in Wonderland Competition – Interview

Posted By sculpteo on Nov 15, 2010 | 0 comments

We have collected the impressions of Thibaut Claeys, winner of a 3D print of his work.

Could you briefly describe how you got the idea for your model, based on the suggested theme?
The idea was simple enough: I kept the concept of the blue caterpillar that everyone knows, but I chose to make it quite long, a bit like a worm, and with a very expressive face…

You won a physical copy of your figure using 3D printing. How did you feel when you first saw your model made into a real object?
I was quite impressed with the quality, especially the finer details; initially, I had my doubts about lack of details, especially given the 10*10*10 size. But in the end, you can actually even see the little claws on the legs paws which are only about one millimeter. I must admit that the model quality pretty much blew me away.

Do you intend to paint your model?
Perhaps, I’m not sure yet, as even the white model is pretty impressive in itself.

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