Let your Imagination Free: Add Patterns to our 3D Objects

Give your imagination a free hand by adding 3D patterns to objects in the Sculpteo gallery

Posted By on Dec 3, 2010 |

You had a dream: Sculpteo made it come true. You can now add a variety of patterns to 3D objects available in our gallery (in addition to existing text, image and colour options).

Once you’ve picked a 3D object from the gallery, click the customization button.

In the customization menu (to the right), you will see the new icon for adding a 3D patterns.

Select the type of pattern you want from the dropdown menu. Several categories are available: Space Invaders, Stars, Music, Christmas, Butterflies, Chess, Animals and Cute.

Select the category and click on the pattern you want to apply to your object. You will see it appear. To move it, click on a part of the 3D object. Use the “Size” and “Height” adjustment bars to fine-tune the pattern dimensions and the colour palette to colour the pattern to your taste.

You can change the pattern at any time and reposition it by clicking again on the area of the object concerned.

To add more 3D patterns, click on “Add a customization operation“.

If you don’t want the patterns to be “stuck” over the surface but embedded into the object, simply check the “hollow out” box.

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