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3D printing for architects

Posted By sculpteo on Dec 14, 2010 | 0 comments

Initially, 3D printing was not created for architects. In fact, most 3D printer manufacturers probably didn’t even foresee their machines’ potential in architecture.

The printers were mainly designed for the aerospace and automotive industries, or other sectors requiring physical realization of elements in order to test their design.

Things have changed, and 3D CAD applications are now very much a part of the design process. 3D printing has become a strategic necessity for architects.

The question is no longer “should we go into this?” but rather “how are we going to integrate 3D printing into our business?”

Architects can use 3D printed models in the same way as hand-made ones. But they have the added benefit of being faster to design, less costly and more accurate.

Many architects recognize the ease of use of 3D modeling software such as Google SketchUp, which is particularly useful in the early stages of design, when multiple iterations of a model are required.

The problem is that SketchUp, like many other 3D CAD applications, is more of a rendering tool than a solid modeling system. Designers must therefore be especially careful when preparing their model for 3D printing to ensure a flawless print. To be honest, it should be noted that Google’s v8 of SketchUp has resulted in marked improvements in addressing the needs of solid modeling.

Below is an example that illustrates how 3D printing has become essential for any architecture firm.

On its blog, 3D printer manufacturer Zcorporation quotes from a recent article in Building Design.

We learn that British Education Secretary Michael Gove called Amanda Levet “Britain’s best architect” at the Globe Academy’s opening ceremony.

Said Gove: “So much care and attention and the work of Britain’s best architect has gone into providing you with the best possible building in which to spend the next few years.” He said everyone involved in the design had “shaped a building which is impressive on the outside and beautiful on the inside”.

As it happens, Amanda Levete is a ZCorp customer – she uses the ZPrinter 450 3D printer. Closer to home here in France, Alberto Rochat DPLG (Chartered Architect) from Svenn architectures that just won the “Sustainable and inclusive housing” award with his partners.

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