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Quite simply blown away…

Posted By sculpteo on Jan 5, 2011 | 0 comments

There was a time when all you would print was sheet music, but now you can actually print the musical instruments themselves.

Amit Zoran from the MIT Media Lab used Rhino 4.0 3D modeling software to model a flute, and a 3D printer (the Connex 500) to make it.

The Connex 500 features the capacity to manufacture objects from multiple materials. The flute is composed of 3 different materials: two are rigid, one more flexible.

It took 15 hours to print this flute in 4 separate parts which were then assembled.

The result is not perfect: some of the keys didn’t close up properly and musician Seth Hunter had to improvise by using his fingers to block unwanted “leaks”. But in terms of ergonomics and acoustics, it is identical to a concert flute.

With any luck, 2012’s New Year Concert might be performed entirely with instruments made on 3D printers. You never know…

Via PCWorld

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