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Architectural competition: the winners had chosen Sculpteo to build their model

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A team participating in an architectural competition had used Sculpteo services to produce their model of sustainable and socially inclusive housing. Which is why we’re very pleased to announce that they have won!

The ALJT (Young Workers Housing Association) partnered with OSICA, a Public Housing Association, to initiate a competition for new ideas in the field of sustainable and socially inclusive housing.

The idea is to build housing for young researchers near the entrance to Saclay’s Science and Technology Cluster.

The project was designed to serve as a large-scale field for multidisciplinary experimentation (timber structure, thermal engineering, terminal air processing systems, natural vegetation etc.). More than a mere architectural project, it involved a synergy of different stakeholders.

84 project management teams (architects, landscape architects, urban planners and designers) and engineering firms (working in the fields of design and construction of collective housing) chose to compete.

Five teams were shortlisted in June 2010 to participate in the competition for ideas. The five projects – including the winner – were displayed December 7 – 9, 2010 on the ALJT booth at the Villepinte Paris Region Real-Estate show. The winner was selected by a jury composed of members of the ALJT, representatives of OSIC, local authorities, the University of Paris Sud 11, contractors and consultants.

Roubert Ravaux Clément architectes, Svenn Architectures and architect Benoit Vanneste (a member of SEED-collectif) won the award for “Sustainable and socially inclusive housing”.

For this particular competition, we worked with timber construction engineering firm Arbosphère, energy performance specialists Avenir-Investir, Aldès for air processing, Emmaüs who are developing ‘Metisse’ insulation from recycled clothing and creating jobs for people in precarious situations, Plus Nature for landscaping and biodiversity aspects in the case. Textile fabric company Ferrari and designer Jean-Luc Alfonsi worked on the display for the competition, which was constructed with recycled and recyclable canvas panels, and finally Sculpteo, for our presentation model which was 3D printed”, says the winning team.

At Sculpteo, we are proud to have played our part in this project by producing the model of a sustainable building.

If you are an architect and want to increase your chances, feel free to contact us.

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