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SpaceNavigator: for explorers of 3D worlds

Posted By sculpteo on Jan 19, 2011 | 0 comments

The latest update of Google SketchUp 8 has fixed a shadow bug – a highly anticipated improvement (see full release)

The new version has also fixed another issue: when Sketchup 8 launched in September 2010, SpaceNavigator no longer worked with Sketchup. The update means it now works properly again, to the delight of 3D world explorers.

Which gives us the opportunity for a brief reminder about this “3D mouse” in case you’re not yet familiar with it.

SpaceNavigator is a control device developed by 3DConnexion (a subsidiary of Logitech) – in collaboration with Google to ensure it functions properly with Google Earth and Google SketchUp.

SpaceNavigator, released in 2006, remains a sure bet for 3D enthusiasts. It is compatible with over 100 applications including Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge, Blender, Google Earth, Second Life, NASA World Wind, Virtual Earth 3D, GeoMagic, Google SketchUp, Cinema4D, Maya, SolidWorks, T-FLEX CAD, Photoshop etc.

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