The Mobile GIS Toolkit Allows Instant 3D Modeling

ikeGPS Mobile GIS Toolkit Enables Instant 3D Modeling

Posted By on Feb 1, 2011 |

Surveylab, a mobile GIS systems provider, announces a new 3D modeling capability for its ikeGPS system.

ikeGPS not only enables you to geo-tag an image of any distant object up to 1,000 meters distant, but now it also lets you create 3D models of multiple objects with just a few clicks on this mobile GIS device.

TrueSize Photos captured by ikeGPS can now instantly produce highly accurate 3D models in tools such as Google SketchUp that can be fed into GIS applications such as Google Earth and ESRI.
These unique features enable field crews across diverse industries to locate, identify and calculate the dimensions, area and volume of nearly any object, and document it with highly accurate real world measurements. 

ikeGPS is the only mobile GIS device with this 3D data capture and complex data measurement capability, technically referred to as 3D photogrammetry. This is enabled by the integration of a laser rangefinder, high resolution camera, accurate 3D compass, PDA, and the ikeGPS measurement and integration software engine. Add the integrated GPS, and you have a handheld device that does it all, GIS mapping of objects from a standoff position, verification photography and 3D modeling and measurement.

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