3D printng: a QR code with Space Invader

Space Invaders QR Code

Posted By on Feb 28, 2011 | 0 comments

A QRCode (Quick Response Code) is a 2D barcode allowing access to any item on the Web (website, image, video etc.) simply by scanning it with a smartphone equipped with a reader such as Mobile Tag.

The QR code below, however, won’t take you anywhere. It’s a piece of art that has all the looks of a QR Code, but upon closer examination you’ll spot a naughty alien right out of famous videogame Space Invaders.

Well, who would have thought? This is perhaps why some people don’t trust new technologies 😉

For those of you who’d like to test a real QR code, here’s one that points to Sculpteo.com:

Once you’ve installed Mobile Tag, run it and point your phone’s camera at the QR Code. It’s as simple as this: take your pic, the QR Code is recognized, and hey presto you’re on our site.

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