Lear how to modify colour on a model in our gallery

A makeover for models in Sculpteo’s 3D Gallery

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We recently told you about Sculpteo’s great new features. Among these innovations is an interesting improvement allowing you to modify each individual colour on a model in our gallery.

Below is a step by step demonstration featuring Manga Boy, one of the cutest characters in our gallery.

Remember that this can be done to any model, provided that the designer accepts this type of customization, of course (we’ll discuss this further in a future article)

When in the gallery, customizable models display this icon when you hover over them.

You will also find a “Customize” line under customizable models.

Click on the icon or “Customize” line.
Available customization options display to the right.

Let’s now use the new feature that lets you change the model’s colours one by one.

The model’s colour palette displays.

Click on an element of the model. His hair, for example. Now select another colour. Changes appear instantly when you select another colour in the space provided.

Now click on “Add a customization” and again on “Change colour” to change the colour of another element.

Repeat as many times as necessary. You can add text, patterns, and apply an image/texture to the model or replace an existing one.

Remember to save changes made to the model by clicking “Save”

Once you have saved your changes, the updated model will show up in your personal gallery.

You can now share your customized model with the world thanks to our embedded player.

Go to your private gallery and click on your model. On the right, under the permalink, you will see the “Embed” option. Click to copy and paste the code into the source code of an article on your blog.


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