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3D printing help bring dam project to life

Posted By sculpteo on Mar 9, 2011 | 0 comments

An Italian designer has been able to show people living near the site of a proposed dam in Italy exactly what it would look like thanks to 3D print technology developed by UK-based Bits from Bytes

Marco Giubelli used the self-assembly 3D printer kit (a Rapman 3.1) to generate a scale model of the 90m dam on Lago delle Mischie in the Piedmont region on behalf of a client

“Creating an exact replica of what the dam would look like really helped bring the project to life,” said Marco from Italian firm Sigma Design

“When you’re building a new dam that will have a big environmental impact, traditional tools are not enough. The public won’t necessarily understand technical drawings, which is where a 3D model comes into its own. It makes it real for them. We were able to show people exactly how the lake would look once it was built and the impact it would have on the landscape.”

Aerial photographs of the area, a DWG file with the level curves and a DWG file with the planar sections of the dam were used to help create the 3D model.

Models, terrain and dam, were all geo-referenced for precise positioning.

Via PRLog

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