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We need you and your talent!

Posted By sculpteo on Mar 31, 2011 | 0 comments

A place that combines your interests in 3D creation and business online with Sculpteo.

You create 3D designs and you are interested in highlighting your works? Sculpteo is the website in which your models can be sold (you receive each month royalties), viewed in 3D, customized, geometrically checked, exhibited in our gallery… for free.
Furthermore, you can use our 3D viewer to sell your works on your blog or website.

3D printing technology is becoming affordable, but what about a company that provides an online 3D viewer and customization as you could do on zazzle with the 2D impression?

Exciting isn’t it?

And this technology is represented by a name: Sculpteo.
Whether your future customers need your creations in white or black plastic or multicolor material, with Sculpteo they can benefit from a guarantee regarding the quality and the short shipping delays.

You have a talent and our goal is to put it in relief offering you online options in order to seduce our customers.

You can be sure that Sculpteo will bring value added to your designs. Indeed this is our everyday work to organize a space dedicated to self-expression and to upgrade our website providing new supports.

We are very tuned in to your needs and requirements; this is the reason why our mains priorities are:

• Making the technology accessible to all.
• Being an interlocutor able to answer your questions
• Working in team with you and to support you in your project creations.
• Using our skills to emphasis your work on the Featured gallery
• Creating a designer network in which you can identify our Blog, Twitter and Facebook page.
• Bringing an international visibility of your works

Join us now and take the opportunity to be recognized as an inventive 3D artist

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