Potato used Sculpteo 3D printing service to give them life

Potati : Cute 3D printed animals

Posted By on Apr 29, 2011 |

Christophe Michot and Bertrand Lévy are the founders of Potati.com. Potati is a secured environment for children : it’s a browser, a Web portal and a parental control software.

“Potanimals”, as we can call them I suppose, are Potati’s mascots. Christophe Michot used Sculpteo online 3D printing service to give them life.

I’m pleased to introduce you Potadog, Potacat, Potachon, Potadrago, Potanours, Potapinou, Potagriou, Potalionne, Potameuuh, Potamouse, Potamtam.

Cute characters, isn’t it ? You can find them in our gallery

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