Embed your 3D Models in Website with Sculpteo's Viewer

Embed your 3D Models in Website with Sculpteo’s Viewer

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Sculpteo allow you to embed 3D models. It’s a great way for designers to showcase their work and for users to share 3D models they love.

It’s easy to do : Select a model on our gallery, click on “embed”, and Copy and paste the code on your Blog/Website.

You can select the size of the embedded viewer and choose between three 3D technologies : Java or WebGL (depends on your browser), Flash and JavaScript

Only models on Sculpteo’s gallery are embeddable. If you want to make your 3D model embeddable, create a free account and upload it.

Select a model on the gallery (Click on it)

Click on “Embed” (on the right)

Copy the code and paste it on your blog or website

And voilà

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