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Improving Ultrasound Transducers with 3D Printing

Posted By sculpteo on May 9, 2011 | 0 comments

GE Global Research is developing additive manufacturing processes for ultrasound transducers. What you see here is the process that will reduce hours from the transducer manufacturing process.

Scott Smith explain : “We [Scott Smith and Prabhjot Singh] realized that additive manufacturing using digital micro-printing offered a single platform to perform almost all of the manufacturing steps needed to build transducers: Piezoelectrics, matching layers, and the adhesive joints between them. Moreover, over the years ultrasound researchers have proposed many novel transducer designs that have been between hard and impossible to realize because the manufacturing process is so complex. As we continued to explore digital micro-printing, we realized that many of these designs become simpler with additive manufacturing technology”

Source : GE Global Research

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