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3D Printers are on their way to Space

Posted By sculpteo on May 18, 2011 | 0 comments

Last week, NASA selected the first payloads for Reduced-Gravity Flights. Among them, you can see “Printing the Space Future” from Made In Space Inc.

NASA has selected 16 payloads for flights on the commercial Zero-G parabolic aircraft and two suborbital reusable launch vehicles as part of the agency’s Flight Opportunities Program. The flights provide opportunities for space technologies to be demonstrated and validated in relevant environments. In addition, these flights foster the development of the nation’s commercial reusable suborbital transportation industry.

The payloads and teams from ten states and the District of Columbia were selected from applications received in response to a NASA call issued last December. Of the payloads, 12 will ride on parabolic aircraft flights; two on suborbital reusable launch vehicle test flights; and two on both platforms.

“Through our Flight Opportunities Program, NASA is able to align research and technology payloads with commercially-available flights to mature technologies that will benefit America’s future in space,” said Bobby Braun, NASA chief technologist at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “This program allows researchers, technologists and innovators to help NASA meet our future mission needs while infusing new knowledge and capabilities into our nation’s universities, laboratories and space industry.”

The commercial Zero-G aircraft payloads will fly during a weeklong campaign from Houston’s Ellington Field in mid-July. The suborbital reusable launch vehicle payloads will fly on the Xaero, developed by Masten Space Systems of Mojave, Calif., and the Super Mod, developed by Armadillo Aerospace of Heath, Texas. These selected payloads will fly on test flights scheduled throughout 2011.

Made In Space Inc. was selected to fly on both platform

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