How to build a 3D Printer from scratch?

Posted By on Jul 1, 2011 | 3 comments

Watch Ben Heck building his first 3D printer loosely based after Reprap open source design but redesigned from scratch. It’s very interesting to see what kind of issues can arise building your own 3D Printer.

At the end of the video Ben visits Maker Faire along with Jeri Ellsworth and shows off his 3D printer.

  • JwBill Toebes

    Where can I buy a blueprint for  building a 3 D printer.I am 79 years young chemical researcher I am turned on by this technology want to know all there is to know about using powder technology to build things.My mind is going a thousand miles a minute.I am serious and drooling over the possibilities of the technology. I can see sso many it makes my head spin  Bill Toebes

  • JwBill Toebes

    Wow where have I been to much chemicals need to improve on using this new toy.

  • Catfish


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