Export Minecraft creations for 3D printing

Minecraft.Print() allows you to export your Minecraft creations for 3D Printing

Posted By on Jul 7, 2011 |

Minecraft.Print(), a project by Cody Sumter and Jason Boggess in the MIT Media Lab, allows you to use Minecraft as a 3D CAD software in order to print your creations via a 3D Printer.

Incredible structures have been created within Minecraft. Why can’t we take those virtual creations, and bring them into the real world? This is our attempt to create a bridge between Minecraft and the real world, via 3D Printers.

To avoid printing the entire world, it is necessary to specify the region you wish to process. By placing a combination of specific blocks (obsidian, diamond, gold, iron) at two points you can define the 3 dimensional area to print. Minecraft.Print() then outputs a standard model file for 3D printing

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