New File Format for a New 3D printing Era: AMF 3D Files

AMF: a new file format that brings 3D Printing into a new era

Posted By on Jul 22, 2011 |

A newly approved standard for 3-D printing file interchange will greatly enhance 3-D printing capabilities, says Cornell’s Hod Lipson, who led the development of the standard.

The new file format, which was also developed by former Cornell graduate student Jonathan Hiller, replaces the old STL (StereoLithography) format by adding native support for color, multiple materials and higher resolutions.

AMF (Additive Manufacturing File Format) will provide a seamless transition from design to physical printed object, independent of the specific software or printer hardware being used.

“This new format will mark the beginning of a new era of 3-D printing capability,” Lipson said. “It’s a bit like when the world of printers took off once postscript was invented, because all printers became mutually compatible.”

Files, documentation and forums for AMF are available at

Via PhysOrg – Source: Cornell

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