3D printing: Create Potttery thanks to iCeramic Art

iCeramic Art: a great Virtual Pottery App for iOS

Posted By on Jul 27, 2011 |

Here at Sculpteo we love apps that make it easier to create 3D models.

iCeramic Art for iOS is one of them. With this Virtual Pottery App you can create a unique 3D Model that can be exported in OBJ format and attached to an email.

Send us your creations at upload@sculpteo.com
The best model will be 3D Printed for free.

. 3 types of sculpting tool command (changeable a degree of affected working area)
. 4 steps of undo, redo command
. Sculpting tool command that model a pottery using 2 fingers.
. Enable you to use your favorite image as a background.
. Output a polygon mesh data in OBJ format, it can be attached with gzip format to email(iPhone OS 3.0 or later).

Upload a file
Upload a file
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