3D printing: Create Potttery thanks to iCeramic Art

iCeramic Art: a great Virtual Pottery App for iOS

Posted By on Jul 27, 2011 | 1 comment

Here at Sculpteo we love apps that make it easier to create 3D models.

iCeramic Art for iOS is one of them. With this Virtual Pottery App you can create a unique 3D Model that can be exported in OBJ format and attached to an email.

Send us your creations at upload@sculpteo.com
The best model will be 3D Printed for free.

. 3 types of sculpting tool command (changeable a degree of affected working area)
. 4 steps of undo, redo command
. Sculpting tool command that model a pottery using 2 fingers.
. Enable you to use your favorite image as a background.
. Output a polygon mesh data in OBJ format, it can be attached with gzip format to email(iPhone OS 3.0 or later).

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