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Printable Spacecraft project to receive NASA funding

Posted By sculpteo on Aug 12, 2011 | 0 comments

NASA has selected 30 proposals for funding under the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts, or NIAC, program. The advanced concepts selected for study under NIAC were chosen based on their potential to transform our future space missions, enable new capabilities or significantly alter current approaches to launching, building and operating space systems

Each proposal will receive approximately $100,000 for one year to advance the innovative space technology concept and help NASA meet operational and future mission requirements.

These innovative concepts have the potential to mature into the transformative capabilities NASA needs to improve our current space mission operations, seeding the technology breakthroughs needed for the challenging space missions in NASA’s future,” said the agency’s Chief Technologist Bobby Braun at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

Among them, “the use of 3-D printing to create a planetary outpost

Principal Investigator: Short, Kendra
Proposal Title: Printable Spacecraft
Organization: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
State: CA

Source: NASA

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