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3D Printing featured in a Google Mobile Ad

Posted By sculpteo on Aug 31, 2011 | 0 comments

Google Marketing Team and Grow Interactive worked together to create this Google Mobile ad, the first to utilize rich media on the Admob platform.

“The experience, called Uncover Your World, speaks to the way the world around you becomes discoverable with the Google Search app. With that insight developed, we wanted to marry the brains of the concept with beauty in a unique, visual display and user experience.

“As a twist on Google’s tradition of representing its products in the analog world, the entire experience is crafted using 3D printing. Every component of the ad—from the highly detailed city view to the interface and game elements—was modeled, printed, and captured in stop motion and photography”

“We used a powder-based, color 3D printer that took our custom, 3D models and built them from hundreds of layers of fine powder and glue. In that transition from digital to printed objects, we created a very unique visual: highly detailed, slightly grainy, and seemingly handmade. When you see the objects in photos and videos, you know they’re real, but you can’t quite put your finger on how they’re made, and that’s what we love about them”

You can view the Ad directly by visiting uncoveryourworld.com on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Via @ZCorporation

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