3D printing is perfect for Mathematics objects

Mathematics and 3D Printing

Posted By on Sep 6, 2011 |

If you want to know what can be done with 3D printing, I recommend you to visit the 3D gallery of an user called “RLBAGULATFTN“.

Here is his introduction:
“Old guy who uses Mathematica: started 3d on a Radio Shack color computer in basic about 1979. I’m an Inorganic Chemist by training with physical/ quantum Chemistry. I have been doing fractals since I was using a Commodore 64 for graphics in the 80’s. In the 90’s I had an Amiga and discovered ray tracing and Phong shading. I’m on a couple of Macs right now and I’m getting old. TFTN was a fractal news letter I published”

Very interesting guy…
Look at these 3D models: they are awesome!

If you love mathematics you can join his Mathematica user group on Yahoo

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