Hand Painted, a 3D printed ideas for figurine.

Hand Painted 3D Printed Figurine

Posted By on Sep 9, 2011 |

Jérôme SARAVAS is a graphic designer and 3D modeler. At the request of “Citron Vache” [Lemon Cow], a brazilian illustration and animation studio based in Sao Paulo, he made a 3D model of a 2D image of the mascot designed by Laurent Cardon then asked Sculpteo to 3D Print it.

The laser-sintered 3D Print was in white plastic. The material has the advantage of being strong and slightly flexible but can’t be 3D Printed in Full Color

Jerôme used an underlayer of white acrylic before painted it with acrylic color paint.

Here’s the result. Beautiful isn’t it?

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