Discover a bio-compatible 3D printing material called MED610

Objet Geometries launch a new bio-compatible 3D Printing material

Posted By on Sep 22, 2011 |

Objet Geometries just launched a new bio-compatible 3D Printing material called MED610 that have five medical approvals.

MED610 “is a rigid material featuring great dimensional stability and colorless transparency. The material is ideal for applications requiring prolonged skin contact of over 30 days and short term mucosal-membrane contact of up to 24 hours”.

This new material is ideal for:
– Medical and Dental applications
– 3D printing of dental and orthopedic surgical guides
– Checking the customized fit of surgical guides and delivery trays in the mouth
– Monitoring oral soft tissue during surgical guide procedures

This material can be used on all Objet Connex and Eden 3D printers

It’s the second material the company has created specifically for dental and medical applications. It joins the company’s original Objet VeroDent material, currently used extensively by dental labs worldwide in the digital dental process.

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