Our Silver 3D printing Material: Beautiful Parts are Possible

3D Print in Silver at Sculpteo.com

Posted By on Oct 10, 2011 |

Sculpteo.com is proud to announce the immediate availability of Sterling Silver (92,5% pure silver) as a new material.

Starting today, you can order silver-coated 3D-Printed objects on Sculpteo.com. Objects are manufactured using Laser Sintering technology and are then coated with silver using an electrolysis process. In the final stage, they are delicately polished.

You can design your own jewellery using your favorite 3D modeling software and upload the 3D model in your personal gallery in order to print it, or use Sculpteo online tools. Remember that you can customize 3D objects with text, symbols, images and pattern, before printing (click on “Customize”).

This is the start of a whole new range of materials and online tools which are to be launched in the forthcoming months.

Enjoy the awesomeness of Sculpteo 3D Printing service and Stay Tuned!

Note to designers
– Minimal wall thickness for a silver 3D print is 2 mm. The model should not include holes less than 3 mm diameter.
– The object should not include any moving parts.
– Hollow areas may keep darker reflects due to the oxydation of the silver.

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Upload a file
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