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A tour at Techshop San Francisco, a space for makers entrepreneurs

Posted By Sculpteo on Oct 15, 2011 | 0 comments

More and more businesses, designers and entrepreneurs are turning to 3D printing for their projects. They’re using it for everything from rapid prototyping to limited series production. Spaces dedicated to these new entrepreneurs are spreading over the world. Techshop is one of them…and among the most ambitious.

At Sculpteo, we truly believe that digital fabrication is the future and that’s why we’re thrilled to see places like Fablabs and makers’ spaces spreading all over the Bay.

Techshop is a place for entrepreneurs, designers, artists and anyone interesting in making things. Members have access to machines, tools, advice and a support of a like-minded community. Techshop is a makers’ space which means that it provides everything you need to make your business ideas and great design project happen.

It is also a place to learn about 3D printing and to discover some amazing 3D printed projects from other members  (we’ll present some of them in the next weeks!)

Among other provided services, Techshop provides computers with Autodesk software, classes for members to learn basics and advanced techniques in 3D design and 3D printing.

But… no 3D printers

Talking with the always friendly Techshop team, it seems that low-cost DIY 3D printers have been tested in the space for a while but were not giving expected results. Because it takes sometimes a few hours to properly configure and print 3D objects, it didn’t fit that well with the space organization. As a member, you have a 2 hours access to any machine of the space once you made your reservation. But in 2 hours most complex 3D printing projects can’t be done!

The Techshop team realized that providing 3D printing as a service not only solved the time problem but was also the most efficient way for makers and entrepreneurs to get the best out of 3D printers.

At Sculpteo, we deeply share this idea and think that providing a high-quality online 3D printing service might totally fit entrepreneurs and designers needs regarding rapid-prototyping and limited series production.

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