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3D Printers are the Next Gen Entrepreneurs

Posted By Sculpteo on Oct 20, 2011 | 0 comments

Continuing our exploration of 3D printing entrepreneurs in the US and the Bay Area, we went to the 2nd edition of the East Bay Mini Maker Faire. Hundred of makers and innovation enthusiasts gathered around incredible cars, robots, electronic music devices, biotech projects and fire art installations.

Throughout the day, speakers presented main aspects of digital fabrication – and mainstream 3D printing is one of the most powerful aspects of it – and shared their vision on what it means for industries, design and entrepreneurship.

Because We Can, innovative design and building studio based in Oakland, CA, and also Tim O’Reilly (founder of O’Reilly Media and Make Magazine) shared passionate thoughts on this new world coming.

For Tim O’Reilly, 3D printing and digital fabrication are a big shift for entrepreneurs and designers as it becomes easier for everyone to create a business or make their ideas come true. Send a 3D file of a prototype and receive it a few days later for a low price was impossible a few years ago, but online platforms are really changing the way to design and imagine the future.

Open Source and the culture of sharing are also playing an important role in these new opportunities enabled by the rise of digital fabrication. For Tim O’Reilly, sharing ideas, documentation or even 3D files bring value to your business and is, at the end of the day, more profitable. At Sculpteo, we are a creativity sharing platform. We help designers to show their work and sell their 3D file creations. We deeply believe that it will help talented people create businesses thanks to 3D printing.

Comparing digital fabrication to ideas of Henri Ford, Tim O’Reilly pointed out how entrepreneurs with a vision, ones who understand the big picture, will make design and business really sustainable.

And you, do you think that 3D printing will create sustainable businesses?

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