3D Printing: OSFA software is a 2D to 3D transformation tool

Operation Stick Figure Army: an Open Source 2D to 3D transformation tool

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Operation: Stick Figure Army (OSFA) is a project funded by the Collaborative Research Experience for Undergraduates program (CREU) to explore the process of transforming 2D images into 3D representations using low-cost, open-source fabrication technologies.

The OSFA software is a 2D to 3D transformation tool to increase accessibility for blind students in the classroom. It allows users to open or create new files for editing in 2D view, then users can send that image to Blender for 3Dification. The resulting products are ultimately expected to be used with 3D printing technology”

You can create Braille labels to be embedded into your 3D objects. These labels can be placed anywhere within the image via the editor GUI.

Sara and Stephanie printed out a multi-level representation of a linked list node that they processed through the software they’ve been developing. This short video mostly serves to highlight what the Cupcake CNC looks like while printing

The project began in 2009 but the last blog update (by Sara) is dated “August 16th 2010”.

More info on the OSFA Blog

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