3D printable velcro: revolution is just starting

3D-Printed Velcro (yes, you read it right)

Posted By on Oct 28, 2011 |

Thingiverse user “eried” designed this incredible 3D Printable Velcro

“This is the first iteration (third internal) of my attempt to make printable Velcro. It is pretty nice to hang things, probably this small piece will resist much more than a kilogram of weight (hanging weight) and it is very easy to remove.

3D printing revolution is just starting, I don’t say this is a flawless piece but I really consider it is a very good example about a very sweet future about us modifying our brains from “search-buy-adapt” (frustration included) to “think-design-print” (self-pride included 😀 )”

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