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Sculpteo by the Bay at UCSF Biological Imaging Development Center

Posted By Sculpteo on Nov 2, 2011 | 0 comments

We were telling you a few days ago how augmented reality combined with 3D printing models was helping researchers find interactions between enzymes and molecules. At UCSF (University of California San Francisco), the Biological Imaging Development Center is using 3D printing for its research as well.

The Center is an interdisciplinary department dedicated to assembly, test and application of emerging light microscopy techniques and technologies. It’s a place for innovation and development of new optical imaging technologies.

The team, lead by Sebastian Peck, shared with us some of their latest projects. They are using 3D printing on a regular basis and even bought their own 3D printer a few months ago. Most of the 3D modeling and printing done here is  usually for the purpose of creating, repairing or improving microscopes used by in-house biology researchers. They are building their own microscopes and need custom parts that allow them to make specific observations.

The parts have to meet highly precise needs and are most of the time very small and complicated. Some of them would have been impossible without the use of 3D printing.

They are usually printed in plastic and are intended to be temporary use, time for the lab to test them and work with them before further development. Depending of the research results, the parts are then manufactured in a more solid material – like silver – using an online 3D printing service.

See how is now 3D printing in silver.


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