Eric Carreel receives the Entrepreneur Engineer Award 2011

Eric Carreel, President of Sculpteo, receives the Entrepreneur Engineer Award 2011!

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We are very proud to announce that Eric Carreel, President of Sculpteo, just received the Entrepreneur Engineer Award 2011!

This prestigious award recognizes outstanding French engineers for their achievements and vision. This Entrepreneur Engineer Award comes as a great reward for what he already accomplished!

Picture Credit: Industries & Technologies

Eric founded and managed the pioneer and leader of wireless telecommunications Inventel for 11 years, bringing great products to the market, the Livebox to Orange and growing the company from 1.5M euros to 120M euros between 2001 and 2005.

In the last few years, Eric Carreel founded three start-ups that have each showed potential to be key players in their field and lead product innovation for years to come. Each of them are managed by long-term associates.

Withings is bringing to market innovative self-tracking devices using web applications. Invoxia transforms the iPhone into the first VOIP desktop and conference tool. And… Sculpteo is offering high-end online 3D printing services!

We take it as a great encouragement to continue giving our best with Sculpteo and we are more than ever committed to bring you the best of innovation in technologies and design!

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