A Visit at Vivian Stephenson's, San Francisco-Based 3D Artist

A Visit at Vivian Stephenson’s, San Francisco-Based 3D Artist

Posted By on Dec 21, 2011 |

A few weeks ago, Vivian Stephenson reached us on our Facebook page. She shared a great picture of one of her sculptures currently displayed in an art gallery in San Jose, CA.

We were really glad to meet Vivian at her home in San Francisco for one of our last interviews for Sculpteo by the Bay.

Vivian is a 3D designer and a sculptor. She designs complex 3D shapes using Google Sketchup and makes them come to life with 3D printing, painting and metal casting.

She discovered Sculpteo.com more than a year and a half ago and we have been printing Vivian’s pieces since then! She told us that she really appreciates our service for its reliability, quality and speed (we try to deliver all printed pieces in less than 10 days, with complete quality verification). Her art mixes mathematical shapes, endless forms and soft textures.

For her larger pieces, she uses 3D printing to model the parts that will be then created in bronze or aluminium.

She loves experimenting with the new printing materials such as silver or resin but keeps coming back to the white plastic that she really appreciates for its precision and texture. She has already sold some of her white 3D printed pieces and has several others on a display at the gallery in San Jose, CA.

We invite you to share your creations with other 3D artists and designers on our Facebook Page and on Sculpteo.com!


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