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2011: This day on sculpteo blog, we covered the news and trends about 3d printing. You'll find a selection of tutorials and posts about the 3d printing technologies, the 3D printing materials and the best 3d modeling software

3D Printable Buddha

Posted By on Sep 16, 2011

In Buddhism, the term buddha usually refers to one who has become enlightened (i.e., awakened to the truth, or Dharma). Buddhas are frequently represented in the form of statues and paintings. Commonly seen designs include: the Seated Buddha, Reclini...

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3D Printing Inspired by Nature

Posted By on Sep 15, 2011

In this MIT News video, Steven Keating, a graduate student from the Mediated Matter Group at the MIT Media lab, introduce you to their test platform for 3D Printing: a robotic arm. By attaching different extruder heads they can test out different mat...

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Paramount Industries CEO Jim Williams presented a 3D printed replica of the historic Navy frigate USS United States to US Navy Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Gary Roughead at Philadelphia Navy Yard. The replica was created using laser sintering. U...

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Hand Painted 3D Printed Figurine

Posted By on Sep 9, 2011

Jérôme SARAVAS is a graphic designer and 3D modeler. At the request of “Citron Vache” [Lemon Cow], a brazilian illustration and animation studio based in Sao Paulo, he made a 3D model of a 2D image of the mascot designed by Laurent Cardon then asked ...

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In May, ZCorporation announced that Clarks, the famous shoe manufacturer Headquartered in the UK, used their 3D printing technology to accelerate the design process. “Rather than wait two or three weeks for a costly prototype to arrive, we now have a...

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3D Printing complex parts

Posted By on Sep 7, 2011

In this Robot Dreams video, Hiro Maruoka (Marubeni Systems) shows some complex parts/assemblies produced on Stratasys 3D Printers. Hiro Maruoka of Marubeni Systems showed us several complex mechanisms that were 3D printed as complete assemblies. The ...

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Mathematics and 3D Printing

Posted By on Sep 6, 2011

If you want to know what can be done with 3D printing, I recommend you to visit the 3D gallery of an user called “RLBAGULATFTN“. Here is his introduction: “Old guy who uses Mathematica: started 3d on a Radio Shack color computer in basic about 1979. ...

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3D Printers at SIGGRAPH 2011

Posted By on Sep 5, 2011

Bradley Shende from Connected Life (M2O Productions) interviewed Michael from Arizona State University at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver. “Now in its 38th year, the SIGGRAPH conference is the premier international event on computer graphics and interacti...

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