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How to Let Your Designs Become Customizable on your Sculpteo Store

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We presented you a step-by-step tutorial on how-to open a store on the Sculpteo platform. Do you know that when you open a designer store on our platform, you can also offer advanced customisation features to your customers?

The Sculpteo designer store platform is a unique way to empower your customers by letting them customize your designs and have them 3D printed. You are the one who control the level of customization allowed to your customers.

A feature that can make you earn more by offering 3D printed customization directly in the cloud.

Here is a complete how-to to let you make your designs entirely customizable through our 3D Printing Cloud Engine:

#1 : Enable the Customization feature on your design

When you upload a design to your shop, check the customization box. It will then let you decide what kind of customization you want to make available for your customers.

#2 Go in the Customization Control Area

To take control of all the customization features available for your customers, select your design in your shop and click on “Customize”. It will let you go on the Customization panel.

#3 Activate and Manage the Customization Templates for your Customers

Now that you are in the design configuration area, you can customize your design for yourself or create a customization template for your customers. We want to show you today how to manage the customization templates so we will only focus on this part.

Click on “OPTION: Pre-Configure Design for Other Users”

A quick reminder appears and you can choose between making your customization template private or public. Private is good if you are not sure yet of what you want to give access to your customers. Public is by default, and you can always make changes later.

 #4 Manage your Customization Template

All aspects of your object can be customized.

Let’s take a closer look at the different customization features that you can enable for your customers.

The Sculpteo Cloud Engine lets you customize every aspects of your object:

Customize Text

Write or edit text and choose the size, the height, the color and the font (5 default fonts available and you can also upload your fonts). We usually recommand to check the “dig” box as it lets your font become encrusted in your object.

Click on the object to make the change appears.

Add unique symbols to your design

You can choose between 8 different symbol families (animals, butterflies, chess, christmas, cutie, music, space invaders and stars) or add your own symbol by uploading a picture. Sculpteo will find automatically the symbol behind your image. You can change the color of your symbol.

Click on your object to preview the customization.

Change texture and color of your design

You can change entirely the color and texture of your model. To create a gradient, simply click on gradient and choose the second color. Push the Apply button to preview the change in real-time.

Add a picture anywhere on your design

Simply upload a new picture from your computer and have it directly added on your design.

Smooth your design

It’s not a real customization feature but it’s a good trick to know! Sculpteo lets you smooth your design after you customized it. A great way to make your object looks even better.

And now that you selected customization features, let’s enable them for your customers!

#5 Empower your customers

Take a look at your customization history and simply lock or unlock the different elements that you want your customers to be able to customize.

For example, if you choose to lock Color Blue, your customers will only be able to buy the blue octopus on your shop, but they will be able to change every other aspects (text, texture…).

Once you selected all customization features available for your customers, click on “Continue” and access the material and printing size panel. You can choose between our 12 materials available and select the exact size that you want. The price will adjust in real-time depending of what you choose.

You can also switch between currencies, change the quantity and check the solidity of your object. We develop a specific tool for this task.

Click on “Next” if you want to order your object. Otherwise, that’s it! Your design now appears on your shop and is ready to be customized by your customers.

#6 Make your new customizable design available

To activate your new customizable design and make it available in your shop, go on your shop and click on “Manage list”

Once you’re in the list management page, add the designs that you want to make available in your shop by simply click the “+” button. You can also create specific lists for your designs.

Your new customizable design appears now in your shop!

For any specific questions and inquiries, please contact us or leave a comment here.

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