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2 Amazing Months for the Sculpteo App: Thank You!

Posted By Sculpteo on Mar 1, 2012 | 0 comments

We launched the Sculpteo iPhone/iPad app two months ago. Since then, you’ve been tens of thousands to download it. Thank you!

Download the Sculpteo app for free here.

The Sculpteo app allows you to customize personal objects from a limited serie of 3D designs created by well-known designers. You can customize the 3D design directly in the app (like for example take a picture of you to transform it as the shape of a vase) and have the object 3D printed by Sculpteo.

Since the launch of our Sculpteo app in January, we had crazy press coverage and lots of feedback from our users. In two months, we have been releasing new versions of the app on a regular basis, as you were giving us feedback.

Wired talked about us: Sculpteo 3-D Printing App Uses Your Mug to Make a Mug

Engadget: Sculpteo 3D printer iPhone app: make a vase based on your profile, because you can

VentureBeat: Design and print 3D objects from your iPhone with a new app from Sculpteo

Springwise: 3D printing app can incorporate your face into designer objects

and many more.

No need to say that the Sculpteo team based in our Pyrenees facilities, where we are producing all the 3D printed objects delivered at your doorstep a few days later, have been very busy!

Numerous Sculpteo app users have ordered their 3D printed mug based on their profile picture. The 4-You Mug designed by Jean-Louis Frechin from NoDesign, the Portrait Vase and the Ego-datamug are the most popular items, so far.

A 4-You mug will cost you around $52 (or 39 euros), the Ego-datamug around $118 (89 euros) and a Portrait Vase around $398 (299 euros). Each item is unique and 3D printed thanks to our special ceramiq process that we developped for the app. You will receive the first ever set of objects 3D printed from the Cloud.

The Sculpteo team took for you some pictures of the freshly 3D printed ceramiq mugs just before they got delivered to their happy purchasers. Do you recognize your mug?



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