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Material Matters 2: Sculpteo at Milan 2012

Posted By Sculpteo on Mar 8, 2012 | 0 comments

As each year, the International Design Trade Show from Milan 2012 will gather the best designers of the world for a week of shows dedicated to the latest innovations in interior design, new materials and concepts.

Sculpteo is of course actively involved!

We are part of Material Matters 2, entirely dedicated to new materials and latest innovations in design and architecture. We worked with the designers of Particule14 by bringing them our latest materials’ innovations.

Plateau FIBandCO et service Sculpteo 04a
Design : Marie-Christine Dorner
© DR

Particule14 is a collective of awarded French designers who work together to help design grow. They organize design exhibitions (Le Lieu du Design, Milan) and conferences. They created the Design Summer School and help designers developping their projects.

We collaborated with the team and provided our 3D printing expertise and latest researches on new ceramiq materials in order to let the designers’ collective create.

This collaboration combined the strength of our 3D Printing Cloud Engine, the vision of Particule14′ designers (François Azambourg, François-Xavier Balléry, Germain Bourré, Mathilde Bretillot, Marc Brétillot, Marie-Christine Dorner, Cédric Martineaud, Patrick Nadeau and Normal Studio) and the expertise of our engineering team.

To know what came out of it, you will have to wait for a few weeks! The event will happen from April, 17th to April, 22nd 2012. It will be part of France Design organized by the VIA and LHLC: a 1200m2 exhibition showing the best of today’s French design.

Come back on the Sculpteo blog to discover the work of Particule14 with 3D printing. You can also follow us on Facebook for more information!

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