Using 3D printers in space is almost a reality!

3D Printing in Space by 2014

Posted By on Mar 20, 2012 |

This video filmed by the National Geographic for its TV show Known Universe is getting a lot of attention, after having been published again on Digg.

I let you see the 3D printing magic in action, and in space:

Using 3D printers in space is almost a reality. Made in Space is a start-up located at the NASA Ames Research Center in the Silicon Valley. The company aims to get a 3D printer into the International Space Station by 2014.

Made in Space succeed at its first 3D printing in partial gravity by producing the first-ever tool (a small wrench), during a two-hour reduced-gravity flight.

Picture: Made in Space

As you don’t need to consider gravity when you are 3D printing in space, this technology could be a good solution for producing needed tools and fragile parts directly in space, without the risk of breaking or losing important items.

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