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Zozio and Rolling Pin: Two Designs 2.0 by Marc Bretillot and Germain Bourre

Posted By Sculpteo on Apr 21, 2012 | 2 comments

Our collaboration with Particule 14 at the Design Milan Week is still visible until tomorrow at France Design exhibition. Today, we would like to highlight two other creations exploring possibles of 3D printing technologies.

Zozio by Marc Bretillot

Zozio is a set of one-of-a-kind spoons that let you smell and eat food in a personalized object. You decide on the profile (size, shape) of your spoon’s “nose” and have it 3D printed depending of your desire. The top part of Zozio lets you smell the aromatics scents you put in (spices, herbs, oils, essences) and the bottom part of the object lets you taste the flavor.


Marc Bretillot is a specialist of food design. He has been playing with food for more than 10 years, exploring new frontiers of design. He is a designer, a teacher and an author. He published the first book on Culinaire Design in French, Culinaire Design, at Editions Alternatives. www.marcbretillot.com

Particule Rolling Pin by Germain Bourré

The Rolling Pin of Germain Bourré is a very special one. You can decide the exact pattern you want for your rolling pin. Simply roll the pin in top of your pastry to “print” the pattern on it. Unique cakes, for a unique 3D printed design.

Germain Bourré is a French designer creating his own path combining green and food design with furniture and industrial design. He worked for five years with designer Jean-Marie Massaud before to open his own studio, working with brands such as Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin and top chefs like Phillipe Etchebest, Jean-Pierre Vigato or Mathieu Viannay. www.germainbourre.com


The designs of Particule 14 are exclusively available for 3D printing on Sculpteo Store and in the Sculpteo iPhone/iPad app.

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